How to Trade

How to Trade the Free Daily Forex Signals

Every day, our automated algorithms forecast a currency pair most likely to show bullish price action during the day's session (break up to a higher high and hold a higher low) along with a pair most likely to show bearish pressure (break down to a lower low and hold a lower high.)

Our daily forecasts also project a range where the next daily close will land with a probability of 60% or greater. (In the FX markets, the daily close is widely accepted as the last price a pair was quoted at as of 5pm ET, which is the close of regular business hours for New York City's major banking institutions. The next day's open begins at 8am in the local time of Sydney, Australia.)

Understanding the Forecasts

To fully understand the use of this information, traders should study probability theory before making any assumptions.

Most signals on the internet, free or paid, carry a probability of around 50%. Our algorithms are able to predict with 60% accuracy (or better) every day.

A 60% or greater probability can be a massive edge for traders looking to enter on a low short-term time frame, but it can still give beginners a false confidence in one particular day's trade setup (headed in the direction of the forecasted close) if the nature of probability is not fully understood.

Never over-leverage on any one particular trade. After all, even a 90% probability implies, by nature, that it should be expected to lose in 10% of the parallel universes it was theoretically traded in.

We offer this information as a free service. Trade safely and use it well.

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