July 28, 2014

The Re-Launch of the FX Helpline Blog

We've been around for quite a few years but after some major technical issues, we lost a massive part of our old content. Luckily, a trader named Aubrey Vogel - whose site was hacked a few years ago, probably for being a little too blunt about some of the aspects of the industry at the time - has volunteered to dust off a few old articles to get us started.

And they're all as relevant today as ever.

Our favorite of Aubrey's articles has to be "The Real Secret to Trading Successfully" from 2012. We all laughed out loud at the analogies in it and hopefully the idea behind it will help get a few more traders onto the right path.

We'll continue to bring out our own original content but none of us can make any promises right now since our research into the quantitative strategies we run full-time on US equities has been taking up most of our free time of late.

Either way, in the meantime, we'll be running our automated algorithm on the major Forex pairs to generate daily forecast signals, and they'll be posted shortly after the open of a new trading day (the Australian open.)

Thanks for being patient with us.

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